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Matterport Walkthroughs for Hotels

With hundreds of projects completed in the Travel and Hospitality sector in India, this is our favourite yet. The 3D virtual tours can be shared with guests as a message, embedded on your website and also uploaded in Google Street View.

From luxury 5-star resorts to one-room studio apartments in India, the virtual tours are just what travellers are looking for. They get to pan around the room, and move from one scan point to another from any device.

Add informational tags within the tour to talk about amenities, exclusive to that category. Show the dollhouse and floor plans, so they get a bird’s eye view.

The Advantage

Increase Bookings

Guests who walkthrough your property virtually are more likely to book.

Gain Credibility

Matterport tours are not edited like traditional images and videos. So no surprises for guests.

Get More Reviews

A happy guest leaving a positive review is what we all look forward to.
Matterport for Real Estate - Adostrophe
Creating a Virtual Tour of an Airbnb at Kolkata

The Experience

When guests plan their trips, a virtual tour experience can help them decide much faster. Apart from the rooms, the other sections of the hotel can also be added to the tour’s highlights.

With our extensive experience, we’ll plan and ensure the rooms, restaurant, lobby, pool, gym and other areas are scanned when there are no guests walking around.

Matterport virtual tours in Shimla - Adostrophe
Swimming Pool at a Resort in Shimla

Our Approach

We’ve worked with all kinds of hotels throughout India and there are no staff or guests seen in any of them. All this while letting the business operate as usual. 

We also guide and direct the management regarding the details of the interiors and exteriors while scanning, so that the tours can be used for many years to come. The quality can be seen in something permanent, such as a Google Street View tour.

Matterport virtual tours in Goa - Adostrophe
Scan of a Hotel in Goa

Navigating a Matterport Virtual Tour

  • Click Play
  • Click Play again at the bottom left corner to see the highlights. No need to interact in this mode.
  • Drag left or right to pan around.
  • Click to move to the next scan point.
  • Click the icons on the bottom for the dollhouse, floor plan, etc.

YouTube Videos

The videos here are essentially the highlights of the Matterport virtual tours. So, there is no need for any interaction here, for guests who prefer it that way.

The 4K videos are included in the virtual tour package, along with 2D images for social media:

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