Matterport Scanning Services in India

3D Virtual Tours

Matterport virtual tours are gaining popularity in India due to their high-fidelity panoramic images. The 3D walkthroughs are preferred by many businesses, especially those in Real Estate.

Some of the advantages, compared to traditional videography are:

  • Speed of scanning services, at 30,000 square feet a day.
  • Affordable rates at ₹ 10 per square feet, anywhere in India.
  • Ease of sharing – just a URL, without heavy files.
  • Ability to add or change information within the tours. Mattertags and other edits are free for a lifetime.
  • User-friendly 3D virtual tours, compared to point cloud interfaces.
  • Customers can move from one 360-degree image to another in Google Maps, like a tour.
Matterport in Bangalore - Adostrophe
The Matterport Pro 2 at L&T, Manyata Embassy Business Park, Bengaluru. Adostrophe's office is located in the same campus.
Matterport for Offices in India - Adostrophe - MSP
Scanning an office space (foosball area) at Mohali. The 70,000 sq ft floor was scanned over 2.5 days.

The Package Contents

  • Virtual tour link and embed code
  • 4K video of 60 seconds
  • High resolution 2D images
  • Custom highlight reels
  • Custom Mattertags
  • Google Street View uploads
  • Google Ads campaign (upload-ready Excel file)
Matterport Virtual Tours for Hotels in India - Adostrophe
Matterport scanning service at Radisson Lonavala. With hundreds of hotels scanned, we operate without any inconvenience to guests.
Matterport for Shops in India - Adostrophe
Scanning the Titan Helios store in CP, Delhi. Shops that are less than 1000 sq ft are also taken up by us.

The Adostrophe Advantage

We apply best practices specific to each vertical, based on our experience working on hundreds of Matterport projects in India. When your scan is scheduled, we send a detailed email with specific instructions to prepare.

Without any disruption to your operations, we scan the property and give you the tour link the next day. We use advanced techniques to scan and edit the tour, to make it easy for your customers. 

We offer special pricing for agencies, enterprises and businesses with ongoing projects. In some cases, the first virtual tour is scanned for free. 

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, our charges are the same, so we are like your local partners in India. We also bear Matterport’s hosting charges for the first year, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs.

To learn more, check the Matterport FAQ – Basic and Matterport FAQ – Advanced pages. Our pricing is transparent and quality world-class. For any questions at any point, feel free to call or email us. 

Get the virtual tours created for your properties sooner than later, because Apple’s Vision Pro headset is going to make these panoramic images sought after. We offer the Matterport scanning services in India for free, if it’s an NGO or a nonprofit business. 

Book Your Matterport Tour

We’ll need a few details to schedule your scan and to help you prepare. Call us anytime or leave a message: