Custom Services for Nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit or an NGO, based anywhere in the world, you can get Adostrophe’s services at discounted rates. This includes Google Ad Grant campaign management services and Matterport 3D scanning projects (travel charges are applicable for locations outside India and Singapore).

Matterport for Nonprofits - Adostrophe

For transparency, here’s the difference in charges:

  • Google Ad Grant setup charges are $50, as opposed to $100 for the regular Google Ads setup.
  • Google Ad Grant campaign management rates are 10%, as opposed to 15% for regular clients. This management fees may be reduced or totally waived off, for certain organisations.

If you’re TechSoup validated and currently run a paid and unpaid account for your organisation, we’ll manage both.

For Matterport models, note that there’s a recurring charge (SaaS) for hosting, however, the first month is free. An alternative to hosting is uploads to Google Street View and/or a video in YouTube. 

For the Matterport virtual tour scanning services in India, it is ₹ 5 per square feet (compared to ₹ 10 for regular clients). Again, we may reduce or waive the charges, for certain organisations. Talk to us to see what’s the best rate we can offer.

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No lock-in period and no strings attached. You can remove us as account managers anytime and give admin access to other SEM agencies.

Same goes with Matterport scanning – our ₹5 per square feet charges may get waived off. We may also reduce travel expenses to non-Indian countries, by clubbing it along with our other paid projects.

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