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Payments made for Matterport, Google Ads and other services are invoiced through Zoho books. Apart from hosting, there are no other recurring charges. As service providers of established brands, we are expected to be transparent in pricing upfront, so the details are mentioned below.

Note that we typically take up large orders but do not set up a minimum. For example, Matterprot scans of over 10,000 square feet and Google Ads campaigns with more than 3 lakhs ad spend per month. However, we do take up smaller projects and decide on a case by case basis. If a business has potential of repeated projects and/or referrals, we might consider smaller tasks.

Feel free to reach out with any questions at all.


  • Payment to be made upfront.
  • Rates start at ₹10 per square feet.
  • Minimum payment for any project is ₹10,000, that covers upto 1,000 sq ft.
  • Edits such as Mattertags, Labels and Highlight Reels are available for a lifetime at no extra charges.

Google Ads:

  • Setup of a new Search Campaign is $100, payable after spreadsheet is provided. $50 for nonprofit organisations.
  • Ongoing monthly management rate is capped at 15% of the ad spend (what you pay Google). 10% for nonprofits.
  • For nonprofits, Ad Grant account setup of $50 and management of 10% per month for NGOs, may be reduced or waived off in certain cases.

For PayPal, Stripe, Wire transfer, EFT and W-8BEN-E information, email us. All invoices are sent from Zoho Books.

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