Matterport Virtual Tours for Showrooms in India

With an example in Mumbai, we illustrate how Matterport virtual tours for showrooms are unique ideas, for their digital marketing efforts.
Matterport for Showrooms in India

The showroom is the most important part of a business because it is customer facing. Virtual Tours can help promote the products by representing the showroom or customer experience centre as realistically as possible.

Here’s a Matterport virtual tour of dormakaba’s new CEC in Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai:

Two years back, we had the opportunity to capture the brand’s Bangalore CEC at Museum Road. Note the Mattertags that lets the viewer learn more about a product offering within the tour:

dormakaba is globally renowned for their top-quality access solutions and other offerings. Learn more at their official website.

Google Street View

As always, Matterport tours can also be viewed in Google Maps in the highest resolution of 135 megapixels. Not only is the customer able to pan around in 360 degrees, but also click to move to the next scan point. If the Chevrons (white arrows) show up, it means they are clickable.

Scanners such as the Matterport Pro 2, Pro 3 and Leica BLK G1 can capture such high-def imagery. The advantage of professional scanners is that distance measurement is more accurate as opposed to consumer 360 degree cameras such as the Ricoh Theta or some of the Insta360 devices. As a Matterport service provider, we only use professional scanners in all our projects.

Follow our Instagram page to see some of the sites we’ve been to. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates on the new videos we upload. Usually they are highlight reels of the Matterport virtual tours that we capture.

4K Videos

Brands get the Matterport URL, 2D images and a 4K video as part of the package that we offer. In a traditional video such as the one here, the customer would not be able to navigate the way she prefers. Towards the end of the video, you’ll notice how the viewer can click to move around the showroom, to shop for a Victorinox watch.

This next video is of a furniture showroom in Bhubaneswar. A customer could see the wide range of items for sale, but only in a Matterport virtual tour would she be able to take measurements. In the architecture and interior decor industry, distance measurement is an important feature. 

If the customer can measure the length and width of a dining table, there is literally no need for a physical visit to the showroom. It saves a lot of time and effort, and reduces carbon emissions.

2D Images

Unlike traditional photography (with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera), 3D virtual tours allows us to extract images from multiple angles in post. These 2D images can be used for all the usual requirements such as sharing on social media or using on print collaterals.

In the below carousel, all 4 images were extracted from a single scan. In order to make this blog post fast loading, we used a browser friendly format, which is a scaled down version. Otherwise, we’ll be sending the maximum resolution version to clients separately.

Matterport for Showrooms - Adostrophe
Matterport for Showrooms - Adostrophe
Matterport for Showrooms - Adostrophe
Matterport for Showrooms - Adostrophe

With such a versatile virtual tour, the extracted 2D images can be used in Photoshop and other Adobe apps to create the desired marketing collaterals. The Matterport virtual tour itself can’t be edited though. This is not a limitation but a good thing because the customer knows that what she sees is what she gets. The expectations are set.

Tips from ChatGPT

Here are some tips for businesses in India looking to leverage Matterport for effective product marketing through their showrooms:

  1. Immersive Online Presence: These 3D virtual tours provide an interactive and enhanced online experience. By integrating these tours into their website and social media, businesses can enhance their online presence significantly. It allows potential customers to explore the showroom from the comfort of their homes.

  2. Remote Access to Showroom: Matterport tours enable businesses to showcase their showroom 24/7. This means that even outside of business hours, potential customers can virtually visit the showroom. This can lead to increased inquiries and potential sales.

  3. Interactive Product Showcase: Within the virtual tour, businesses can embed information about each product. This could include specifications, prices, and unique selling points. Interactive tags can be added to specific products, providing detailed information when clicked, making it a valuable tool for product showcasing.

  4. Localized Marketing: Matterport allows businesses to create localized experiences. For example, if a business has multiple showrooms across different cities in India, each showroom can have its own virtual tour. This localized approach can resonate well with regional customers.

  5. Engaging Storytelling: Use the virtual tour to tell a story. Businesses can guide visitors through a journey, explaining the features and benefits of products. This narrative approach can create an emotional connection with potential customers, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

  6. Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to traditional advertising methods, investing in a Matterport virtual tour is cost-effective. It offers a high return on investment by reaching a wider audience without the need for significant additional marketing expenses.

  7. Customer Trust and Transparency: Providing a virtual tour demonstrates transparency. Potential customers can see the actual showroom and products, fostering trust. Transparency in showcasing products can lead to increased customer confidence and loyalty.

  8. Analytics and Feedback: Matterport provides analytics, allowing businesses to track visitor behavior within the virtual tour. By analyzing this data, businesses can understand customer interests and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. Additionally, feedback from visitors can be collected, providing valuable insights for improvements.

Remember, integrating Matterport virtual tours into their marketing strategy is not just about displaying products; it’s about creating an engaging and memorable experience for potential customers. This immersive approach can significantly impact their purchasing decisions.

Getting Started

Contact us for a personalised consultation and we’ll schedule a date to scan your showroom. We’ll get it done outside of business hours, usually an hour or two before your opening time.

In our email, we’ll let you know more details about our offerings and how you can prepare the showroom upfront. Our experience will ensure you get high-quality deliverables at an affordable cost – starting at ₹ 10 per square feet. No extra charges, irrespective of where the property is located in India. 

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