8th Year Promotion on Matterport Virtual Tours

For Matterport virtual tours in India, all new project requests get a 20% off at ₹ 8 per square feet, as Adostrophe enters its 8th year.
Promotion on Matterport Scanning Services in India - Adostrophe
  • Adostrophe’s press release.
  • The importance of virtual tours for real estate in India.
  • Flat 20% off standard charges for new sign ups.
  • Applicable for properties more than 10,000 square feet.
  • Offer valid until 6th Jan, 2024.
  • Matterport tours in India will remain free for NGOs.

Matterport for Real Estate in India

Bangalore, Dec. 13th, 2023 – Adostrophe Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd. enters its 8th year on Jan 6th 2024. Offering Google Ads and Matterport virtual tour scanning services in the country, Adostrophe’s recent project was a residential real estate property in Powai, Mumbai.

After agriculture, real estate has the highest share of workforce with around 70 million employees in India. According to Statista, the real estate industry was poised to reach one trillion USD by 2030.

Unlike earlier, more builders are now aware of the concept of virtual tours and are leveraging it to sell properties faster. For a homeowner, these Matterport virtual tours can help get tenants easily, because it reduces the need for a physical visit.

In cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, even a few kilometres could mean hours in traffic. Matterport 3D virtual tours can be viewed from any device, including a smartphone. The property buyer or tenant can pan around, and move from one part of the house to another, within the tour. Unlike traditional images and videos files, the virtual tour is just a unique URL.

According to Matterport’s ESG report on 11th Dec, 2023, over 2.5 million virtual tours were created in 2022, to help avoid 382,640 tonnes of carbon emissions globally. Compared to the U.S. and UK, the potential in India is considerably higher, given that digital marketing techniques and Matterport tours are being adopted by more businesses in 2023. If a construction company has a virtual tour embedded on their website, chances are, its competitors would want one too.

Along with residential real estate, the virtual tours are also extensively used in commercial real estate like office spaces. In the architecture, engineering and construction industry, virtual tours provide the ability to measure distances, thereby helping speed up coordination among multiple teams.

Specialised cameras (also called as scanners) use Infrared and LiDAR technology to measure distances in indoor spaces. While the virtual tours can be created by anyone with a smartphone or a 360 degree camera, the Matterport professional scanners are recommended for image quality and accurate distance measurement. For public virtual tours, the panoramic images, in 135 MP resolution, can also be uploaded to Google Street View, so that the visitors can pan around and move to the next room by just clicking.

The way Google holds the largest market share in search engines, Matterport does for virtual tours. To boost the economy in India, businesses can create a virtual tour of their property, and advertise their website through sponsored search campaigns in Google Ads (formerly AdWords). Here, when a potential home buyer searches for “3bhk house for sale in Mumbai”, the business can display their website listing as a sponsored advertiser.

About Adostrophe: Adostrophe is a digital marketing company based off Bangalore, that offers Google Ads campaign management services to global businesses and nonprofits. In India, Adostrophe is one of the leading Matterport service providers, with hundreds of virtual tours created across the country. There are no charges for travel, which means a construction company in Kolkata gets the same charge as the one in Mumbai. Matterport hosting fees are waived off for the first year.

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Book a Virtual Tour

In order to increase awareness of the virtual tour concept in the country, Adostrophe presents a limited-period offer until Jan 6th, 2024. That’s the day when the company starts its 8th year in business. Matterport tours in India are much more popular now than 8 year earlier, however, there’s a long way to go. 

The regular pricing starts from Rs 10 and goes up to Rs 25 per square feet. For signups in this offer, the rates are a flat Rs 8, irrespective of the location, size and complexity.

Fill out this simple form – https://forms.gle/PjzPWK9CdN6XGQXa7.

Matterport Virtual Tours Per Category

Feel free to call or write to us with any questions at all. Our usual offer to NGOs and nonprofits still stand – we do not charge for Google Ads setup or the Matterport scanning services. However, Matterport’s hosting charges will be applicable from the second month onwards, if the organisation chooses to keep the space active.

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