Matterport FAQ – Basic

If you’re exploring the Matterport platform, to see if it would suit your business needs, read on. These FAQs are generic for a broad range of readers.

We’ve split the answers to basic and advanced so that the verbiage is easy to understand. If you’re an agency or an experienced user, visit the Matterport FAQ – Advanced page.

What is Matterport?

Matterport is an American company that offers SaaS (Software as a Service) packages, that’s used to create and share 3D virtual tours. They also manufacture cameras such as the Matterport Pro 2, Pro 3 and more.

In general, Matterport refers to virtual tours of properties. Watch the below video to learn more:

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour refers to viewing a property (for example) from a remote location, using a desktop or a smartphone. Think of it as viewing photos or videos, with more data such as 3D dimensions that help with measurements.

Matterport virtual tours are panoramic (360 degree) images that are stitched together, to give us a video-like immersive effect. So the advantage here is that we’ll be able to pan (drag) around, to see to our left, right, and directly behind us. Then, we can do the same at another scan point, a few meters away.

How is this different from photos and videos?

In a Matterport virtual tour, we can look around us and move to different sections of the property, at our own pace. Each virtual tour has its own unique URL, which makes it easy to store and share.

From a single Matterport scan, you can extract at least 4 photos at different angles. When we play a slideshow of the entire tour, it can be recorded as a video. These 2D images and 4K videos are great for posting on social media platforms.

Can the tours be viewed on a VR headset?

All Matterport virtual tours are VR compatible. You’ll be able to find the icon on the bottom right corner.

Businesses may use a headset such as a Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest Pro, in their showrooms to give customers an immersive experience. As with any other internet enabled device, in a VR headset, you can pan around and move to different areas of the Matterport tour using hand controllers.

What does 3D mean in a Matterport virtual tour?

The Matterport professional scanners like the Pro 2 and Pro 3, capture images as well as spatial data that helps with measurement. This is a unique feature, as opposed to tours captured with a smartphone or a consumer 360 degree cameras (like a Ricoh Theta Z1). So, we can check the distance of a room (or a furniture) in all three axes – length, breath and height. 

When a Matterport virtual tour loads, you’ll see a 3D model of the property. For example, you’ll see the dollhouse of a hotel, which can be rotated in all directions. Now, from this 3D dollhouse, you can click to walkthrough/visit a particular section like the reception. Then, click the dollhouse again to visit another section like the restaurant. 

What’s the benefit of a 3D virtual tour?

You can provide your customers with an innovative method of viewing your property. They will be able to see every portion, at their own pace. 

Getting a Matterport 3D virtual tour created for your property is an affordable option, compared to professional photography and videography services. At Rs 10 per square feet, you can cover up to 30,000 sq ft a day. 

I know a movie director who can capture my property. Why would I need this Matterport tour?

The output from a professional videography device will be what you show the viewer. In a Matterport virtual tour, the viewer can instead walkthrough at their own pace. This level of transparency helps build trust.

The 135 MP resolution imagery is an exact representation of the property, with no editing involved. In a Matterport device, there are no adjustments for aperture, exposure, ISO, or even perspective. 

How long can I use the virtual tour for?

After the model is processed, you can keep the space active for as long as you wish. Matterport, as a SaaS company charges for hosting. This fees is borne by us for the first 12 months, so you don’t have to worry about monthly payments.

If you’ve received a free tour from us, the space will be active for one month. There will be a cost attached to keep it active for longer, and that depends on the size of the model, the duration and other factors.

What are the payment terms?

We’ve kept it simple for all scanning projects across India. The flat rate of Rs 10 per sq ft includes hosting (for 1 year) and other expenses.

Post consultation, the payment has to be made upfront in advance. The scan can be scheduled within a week’s time, anywhere in India. Let us know about any urgent requirements so that we can check the possibility of accommodating with respect to existing schedules.

What happens after payment?

You’ll receive an invoice from Zoho books along with specific instructions on preparation of the property. You’ll be informed of our technician and sort out other details related to gate pass and other requirements.

The tech will arrive at the scheduled date and time and check the place before scanning. After completion of the scan, the tour would be made available to you the next day.

Why does it take so long for the output?

After the scan is complete, the data is uploaded to Matterport servers for processing. Small spaces are typically processed in a few hours.

When we get the URL, we’ll have to add highlights reels, labels and other edits which takes considerable time and effort. This is the reason, it typically takes an extra day or two to give you the final URL.

What about future edits?

If you would like to change Mattertags (informational tags added within the tour), highlights or anything else, let us know. For all our clients, the editing services are offered at no extra charge for a lifetime.

If you would like a rescan of your property, the regular charges are applicable. These scenarios are common for businesses who update their stock, replace stalls, renovate or change the interiors.

How would I know what edits are necessary?

We’ll let you know and also get it done with placeholders so you get an idea. The edits will be refined to help you create a great presentation for your stakeholders and audience.

You can use the extracted images and videos for your own editing needs, with your in-house designers. We’ll send these separately, in a shared drive folder.

What about embedding the tour in the website?

You’ll get the HTML code, along with the tour. If you don’t have a developer to get it added to your site, we’ll get this done for you. 

What other services do you offer, apart from the virtual tour?

For businesses, we also setup and manage Google Ads accounts. This will help promote the products and services effectively, if optimised right.

For nonprofit organisations, both these services (Matterport and Google Ads) are offered for free. Our suggestions will be proactive, so we’ll also help with Search Console, Analytics, social media and marketing in general.

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