Matterport FAQ – Advanced

These are questions asked by advanced users who are aware of Matterport terminology. If you’re new to virtual tours, visit the basic Matterport FAQ – Basic page.

Matterport Projects in India - Adostrophe

What's the area that can be covered in a day?

With high scan density, we can cover about 30,000 to 40,000 square feet in one day. We are flexible and can also work for the entire 12 hours of daylight, depending on the requirements.

The Pro 3 spacing will be the same as that of Pro 2, unless specified otherwise. We do not use consumer 360 degree cameras.

What about hosting?

We’ll upload the scans directly to your account and work on edits from there. If you would rather we use our own account, that’s fine too. We can transfer it out anytime you need.

How do you handle misalignments?

As an experienced MSP, we use best practices to ensure proper alignments, in any environment. Even without manual realignment, we have our methods to get the scans aligned right, while scanning itself.

If you’d like to know exactly what we do, we’ll share over an email. We’ve created smooth walkthroughs even in properties where assisted alignments were not an option.

How do you handle blackened areas?

Irrespective of the complexity of the area, time limitations and other challenges, our output would be such that there are no under-developed sections. This is not a 360 degree image replacement, but a tradecraft technique.

The grid setting will remain as expected, with added versatility. We’ll be happy to discuss the details over a call or email.

What are the payment terms?

When we work with agencies abroad, we discuss the terms in detail before signing the NDA. As a company looking for long-term work relationships and referrals, we will work within your budget.

For our local clients, we take payment in advance, but are flexible in certain cases. Let us know what you’re comfortable with.

Wire transfers are fine, although PayPal is an alternate option. The W-8BEN forms are ready.

What about LiDAR scanning?

If the client wants accurate point cloud data, we can use the Faro Focus Premium (350 M) to cover the property, along with the Matterport scans. Both can be done simultaneously, without any people or camera reflections captured.

If you want E57 files from the Matterport space, the additional cost will be added to the invoice. The same goes for Matterpak files.

If the point clouds have to be within the Matterport platform, let us know your acceptable tolerance level. If time is not a constraint, we’d rather use the BLK G1 instead of the Pro 3. It is unlikely that the G2 will be made compatible in the foreseeable future because Matterport probably won’t approve the SDK in a hurry. 

Note that the image quality of the Pro 2 and Pro 3 are the same. 

Do you work on site status?

We’ll be happy to. For construction projects that need a daily, weekly or monthly comparison, the Matterport scans can be provided as is, or using a 3rd party app.

For a side-by-side comparison status, the 3rd party app charges are borne by you. We’ll handle the setups and other details.

What about Google Street View uploads?

We’ll get the uploads done, with chevrons. Unwanted scan points will be removed without missing the continuity of the tour.

What does post-processing involve?

Once the model is processed, we get all the edits done. Starting from trims, we double-check all 3D scan points and hide those that aren’t necessary for a smooth walkthrough.

The highlight reels are put together in the format you’d like, for example – a storyboard tour. Then we add labels, titles and descriptions, and Mattertags.

Blurring is done manually if required. When we scan, the results are kept in mind, so there aren’t many blurs and trims that we’ll need to apply in post.

What's the final output?

Along with the my.matterport URL and iframe code, we also collate the 2D images and share the folder with you. The highlights reels are recorded as a 4K video, for your YouTube channel.

Note that you can get as many revisions are you need. This includes editing Mattertags and HLRs.

If you’re promoting a business, we’ll also give you an upload-ready spreadsheet for your Google Ads campaign. The setup is free, and ongoing management, if required, will be 15% of the monthly ad spend. We’ll need manager access to the account, for optimisations.

What about DLSR and aerial photography?

Right now, we are focusing only on Matterport scanning services in India. If you need DSLR photography, gimbal-based videography, and drone footage, let us know. We might consider offering the add-ons as a package for certain real estate or nonprofit clients.

What's the situation in India, with regards to Matterport?

All opinions expressed on this website are our own.

In India, we feel the potential is immense, like no other nation. The challenge is that the awareness of ‘virtual tours’ is not quite there yet, let alone ‘Matterport’.

The good news is, if you show a business owner a demo, they are likely to try it out. Looking at them, so will their competitors.

In essence, we believe that contributing to the ‘3d virtual tour’ community is not only good for us, but also for the economic development of the entire country.

What's the future, in terms of VR?

Matterport tours are VR-ready. It can be viewed from the default browser in the Meta Quest store. Note that Mattertags and Notes will not be visible in VR mode.

With Apple’s Vision Pro launching soon, everyone will want to see panoramic images. If your business doesn’t have a Matterport tour yet, it’s high time to get one created. 

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