Matterport for Factories and Plants in India - Adostrophe

Matterport Virtual Tours for Factories and Plants in India

Create a virtual tour of your factory or plant so that you can easily share the space as a simple URL. The 3D virtual tour allows your stakeholders to look around in 360 degrees and also move to other sections by clicking around.

The Matterport virtual tour also shows the floor plan, dollhouse, and Mattertags (informational tags within the tour) so they can learn more if they want to. These tours are also great for training employees remotely.

Productive Walkthroughs

Share as a Link

No need for heavy images and videos. The panoramic photos are hosted in Matterport's servers.

Keep it Secure

The tour is not made public, and can even be password protected.

Manage Facilities

Employees and contractors can see the place as is, with the ability to measure distances.
Matterport for Factories in India - Adostrophe

The Brief

When you schedule a date and time, our technicians will arrive at the plant and start scanning. If your staff has to continue working, we can organise in such a way that there are no people seen in the virtual tour’s final output.

Factories, industries, and plants are scanned for many purposes, one of the popular one being the need to share with investors abroad. No Photoshop editing, no modified videos – these Matterport virtual tours are exact representations of the place, in 135 Mega Pixels.

Our Approach

The Matterport scanner spins 360 degrees in its tripod, to capture data all around it. Apart from images, the sensors document distances which is how a 3D mode is created. The end user is thus able to measure the distance between two machines, for instance.

We apply best practices specific to plants and give the final output as a URL. Along with the virtual tour, you also get around 50 HD images, a 4K video and Mattertags added. No hosting charges for you, for one year. We pay Matterport from our pocket so you won’t have to worry about that aspect.

Matterport for Industrial Plants - Adostrophe
Matterport virtual tours for industrial plants in India - Adostrophe

The Results

As experienced as we in this industry, the nature of factories is such that we can’t share most virtual tours in our website or even with a potential client privately. The customer facing part of the factory, like a showroom or CEC is shared below.

We’ll be happy to scan a free sample tour for a small part of your plant, if you so require. As a result, you’ll get a URL which is the virtual tour of the factory.

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