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Matterport Virtual Tours for the Healthcare Sector

3D walkthroughs can help market a hospital, diagnostic centre or other healthcare facilities to patients. Apart from increasing revenue, a realistic walkthrough can make patients (and their families) feel familiar with the space, thereby increasing their comfort level during the appointment.

Unlike earlier, senior citizens across urban and rural India are more tech savvy these days. Chances are high that they might have seen a YouTube video or even an actual Matterport tour on their smartphones.

It’s now more than ever that technology gives the elders the care they deserve. Nonprofit healthcare centres can contact us for a free Matterport scanning service, anywhere in India.

Health is Wealth

Showcase the Facility

Embed the Matterport virtual tour in your website and upload the panoramic images on Google Street View.

Smart Management

Let the virtual tour help your facility managers and other contracts collaborate effectively.

Grow Faster

You have unique healthcare facilities - use the virtual tours to reach more patients, expanding your coverage areas.
Matterport for Hospitals in India - Adostrophe
Matterport 3D Virtual Tours for Hospitals in India - Adostrophe

The Brief

A Matterport 3D virtual tour is created by scanning your hospital using a professional scanner like the one seen above. This camera spins in 360 degrees to capture all around it.

Similarly, it is moved a few meters further to create another scan point. This way, the entire facility is captured using as many scans as necessary. Matterport’s AI, Cortex, stitches these panoramic images together that results in a virtual tour.

When a patient clicks on the 3D virtual tour’s link, she’s able to pan around and also move from one location to another. This is the innovative experience, which is not the same as traditional photos and videos.

Our Approach

Talk to us to learn more about the Matterport virtual tour scanning service in India, and we’ll answer all your questions. Once the scan is scheduled, our technicians will arrive ahead to recce and advise on any last-minute preparations.

The scan takes place using best practices that are specific to the healthcare industry and your facility in particular. It won’t be like just another virtual tour that anyone with a camera can create.

After the scan, we’ll take a day or two to edit it and give you the final URL. The embed code can be used in your website as well.

The Results

Now, you have the my.matterport unique URL that you can share with management and patients. We’ll also give you a number of images that you can use for your other marketing collateral. Our package also includes a 4K video.

At any point of time, you can include Mattertags (informational tags within the tour) so your patients a learn more about a treatment, equipment and other offerings. This editing service is free for you for a lifetime.

Our charges of ₹ 10 per square feet is the same even if you want just the Google Street View uploads, and not the Matterport tour. The virtual tour’s hosting is free for a year – Adostrophe bears the charges.

We believe in long-term work relationships and offer special pricing for your healthcare business. Let us know if you would like to get the first virtual tour created for free. Our technicians will be happy to travel anywhere in India to cover other facilities, and those you refer.

Get a Personalised Consultation

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