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Matterport Virtual Tours for Houses in India

The Matterport virtual tour can help sell a home faster, because potential buyers get to see it on their phone or computer. Short of a physical site visit, the virtual tour is a realistic representation, where the viewer can pan around in 360 degrees, and can move from one room to another by clicking.

The same goes for homeowners who are planning to rent their properties. For those who don’t want to sell or rent, can use a virtual tour for their private use, which won’t be made public.

Matterport virtual tours in Gurgoan - Adostrophe
Matterport for Apartments - Kerala - Adostrophe

The Difference

Earlier, a seller or real estate agent might send many images and videos to someone over WhatsApp, for instance. With a virtual tour, it’s just one simple link.

The potential buyer is now seeing the house virtually, and is also able to move around at their own pace. They can show the rooms to their family and get their opinions. What’s more, they can also measure the distance of a window or a TV unit to plan interiors.

The difference in a Matterport tour is that it can’t be edited like traditional images (with apps like Photoshop or Canva). Since what they see is what they get, it helps build credibility. 

Matterport Schematic Floor Plan - Adostrophe
Matterport Schematic Floor Plan - Adostrophe
Schematic Floor Plan from the Matterport Tour

Our Approach

We will schedule a convenient date and time for the scan, and also send a list of preparation items upfront. Our technicians will reach your property and capture per the best practices, that we’ve learnt based on many years of experience, specific to residential real estate projects.

Outdoor areas like balcony views, garden, patio, external swimming pool, gym and other sections are added to the virtual tour as 360 degree images. You’ll be able to click and drag sideways just like a typical 3D scan.

We travel all over India and do not charge you for flights and other expenses. Our flat rate of ₹ 10 per square feet is free of any hidden charges. We believe in transparency and making things easy for you, on the long term.

Our brand identity, experience and quality is what gives us that competitive advantage. If you’re a builder, real estate agent, architect or a professional who might have ongoing projects for us, we’ll be happy to scan the first property for free.

Click “Play” at the bottom left corner of the tour for a slideshow of the highlights. This is another option for those who prefer it to play automatically instead of having to interact.

The Results

Post editing (typically a day or two), you’ll get a URL which is the virtual tour of your property. Share this with anyone who will be able to view it in any device, as long as it has an internet connection. You’ll be able to sell (or rent) your property faster, using such modern innovation.

Our package includes:

  1. The my.matterport shareable URL.
  2. HTML code, to embed in your website. 
  3. High resolution 2D images extracted from the tour.
  4. Optional upload to Google Street View.
  5. Ultra high definition 4K video of 60 seconds, for your YouTube channel and social media.
  6. Mattertags added within the tour – this editing service is available to your for a lifetime.
  7. Matterport hosting for one year. If you would like to keep the tour active from the second year, it would cost around ₹ 2000 per tour, per year.
  8. Schematic and 3D floor plans can be made available for an extra cost.
Matterport for Apartments - Mumbai - Adostrophe

Those who are not selling or renting their property, can still get a virtual tour for their private use. This might come handy for important things like a property insurance.

You can password protect the tour, or change the setting to private or unlisted, so that it’s not public. Some homeowners do this for documenting their house.

It is a good idea to digitise your house so that you can keep it for your reference. Share it with family, friends, and others like an interior designer. 

Talk to us if you have any questions at all. 

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