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Matterport 3D Virtual Tours for Museums

Museums and galleries can create a digital twin so that it can be viewed on any device. This may be particularly useful to those who may not be able to travel.

A virtual walkthrough is primarily aimed at increasing foot traffic to the location. In certain cases, the online tour can also be monetised.

The Brief

The Matterport scanning service is scheduled on a convenient date, preferably on a holiday. During the scan, if any visitor passes by, our technicians will pause and continue later.

These virtual tours allow the viewer to pan around in 360 degrees and also move from one location to another. Images and videos can be extracted from the high definition panoramas of the tour.

Matterport for Government Museums in India - Adostrophe

Our Approach

We use best-practices specific to museums, so that the results are optimal for a VR headset and other devices. The strategy that goes in for a museum is different from those in other industries.

Working with the curator, we’ll send detailed instructions before the technicians arrive on site. After the scan, our post processing team will assist with editing, Mattertags (informational tags within the tour, like photos, videos and ‘learn more’ links), labels and floor plans. 

BIM and E57 files are available at an additional cost. Otherwise the scanning service starts at ₹ 10 per square feet. For government agencies, we can work out special pricing.

Tamil Nadu Police Museum - Matterport for Museums - Adostrophe
Tamil Nadu Police Museum, Chennai
Matterport Virtual Tours for Museums in India - Dollhouse - Adostrophe
National Crafts Museum, Delhi

The Results

The virtual tour is offered as a shareable link, and an HTML code that can be embedded in the website. The tour can also be converted into videos and images, like the ones seen below.

Owing to the high definition, the panoramas are great for Google Street View. Similar to the Matterport virtual tour, the viewer can also click to move around the museum.

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