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Matterport Virtual Tours for Showrooms in India

Shops, showrooms, customer experience centres and other retail outlets can leverage virtual walkthroughs to drive foot traffic. The 3D virtual tour can be embedded in the website and also posted on Google Street View. 

Unlike a traditional photo, your customers can pan left and right to view in 360 degrees. They can also move around the showroom in their own pace, as opposed to a traditional video where they only get to see what you show them.

As new outlets are launched in different cities, we’ll scan them and upload the panos in their public listing. Existing showrooms can rescan when there’s a stock refresh or store expansion.

Modern Marketing in Retail

Exact Representations

No editing, no misrepresentations. Customers see the products as if seeing in person.

Ease of Sharing

Send the tour URL over messages, embed in your website and post images/vides in social media channels.

Advanced Editing

Add Mattertags to your products within the tour, so the customers can learn more, if they're interested.

The Why

Impressing customers is one thing. Matterport virtual tours are also used for internal documentation, sharing with designers, training employees and many other purposes such as a shopkeeper’s insurance.

Let’s say a regular customer just wants to purchase a product online. The Mattertag links inside a virtual tour can take them to your official shopping cart. That right there is a small step in reducing the Green House Effect.

Matterport virtual tours for showrooms in India - Adostrophe

Our Approach

With our extensive experience in the Retail industry, we’ll help you prepare the store in advance. Then, on the date of the scheduled scan, we’ll arrive an hour or two before opening time so that we can complete the capture before customers step in.

For larger spaces, we’ll plan in such a way that your operating hours continue to remain as is. Our technicians will also help with details on site.

Once the scan is done, we’ll edit the tour in a way that’s customer friendly. These editing services are free for a lifetime.

Matterport for Retail Showrooms in India - Adostrophe
Matterport virtual tours for shops in India - Adostrophe

What's Next?

Contact us so that we can understand your business goals and present a strategy. We offer special pricing for brands with multiple outlets anywhere in India.

Even for single stores, we do not charge extra for travel and other expenses. You also get free hosting (with Matterport) for a year.

Optional add ons such as schematic floor plans and BIM files are available for an additional cost. The basic Matterport virtual tour is not only quite affordable, but also quick and easy.

Get a Personalised Consultation

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