Employee Code of Conduct

The legal department is working on updating this webpage. Meanwhile, read on to see what the pocliies cover:

  1. General Standards:

    • Compliance with laws and regulations: Covers all applicable laws and regulations, including anti-discrimination and harassment laws.
    • Respect for colleagues, clients, and vendors: This means treating everyone with dignity and courtesy, regardless of their background or position.
    • Confidentiality: This covers company information, client information, and employee information.
    • Conflicts of interest: This outlines how employees should address situations where their personal interests could conflict with the company’s interests.
    • Use of company property and resources: This includes company computers, phones, vehicles, and other assets.

    Additional Considerations:

    • Dress code: Most of Adostrophe’s employees work remotely. For Matterport scans across India, casual wear is acceptable.
    • Social media: This could address how employees represent the company on social media.
    • Harassment and discrimination: This defines what constitutes harassment and discrimination and outlines the reporting process.
    • Disciplinary procedures: This outlines the consequences of violating the code of conduct.

    All employees will be able to consult with an HR professional for matters related to the policies. 

Core Values:

  • The company’s core values include respect, kindness, integrity, collaboration, and innovation. Since we extensively work with nonprofits, the intent of community contribution is an essential factor.
  • These values have been and will be clearly communicated and demonstrated through leadership actions and company policies.

Respect and Inclusion:

  • Prohibit discrimination and harassment based on any personal characteristic.
  • Promote an inclusive and diverse work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.
  • Encourage open communication and feedback through appropriate channels.

Work-Life Balance:

  • We have implemented policies that promote work-life balance such as flexible work arrangements, paid time off, and employee discounts.
  • We encourage employees to take plenty of breaks and avoid burnout.

Growth and Development:

  • We offer opportunities for professional development and training. As one of the elite Matterport service providers, our quality is second to none, including the professionals in other countries. When you’re part of Adostrophe, you get trained, mentored and quality audited by the best in the industry.
    With over 20 years of experience in SEM, our trainers will equip you to manage large and complex Google Ads accounts. These training modules won’t be found anywhere online.
  • We encourage cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • We recognize and reward employee achievements and contributions.

Communication and Transparency:

  • Our communication is open with employees about company goals, challenges, and changes.
  • We foster a culture of feedback where employees feel comfortable expressing concerns and suggestions.

Benefits and Recognition:

  • We offer competitive benefits that go beyond basic compensation, such as healthcare, wellness programs, and retirement plans.
  • We implement a recognition program that highlights employee achievements and contributions.


  • Employees and legal counsel are regularly invited to review and update the code of conduct to reflect changes in Adostrophe and the law.

Report non-compliance of policies to the director at niranjan@adostrophe.com.